Some Samples


Here are some examples of logos that I’ve either designed or have been integral in their creation and usage. All of them have
very cool elements and make the non verbal statements that reinforce the brands of the companies and the entities that they represent. Enjoy.



Hayes Company Logo

When my father and I started the Hayes Company we were casting around for a name. The one thing we knew was that we didn’t want to do what so many agencies and design firms were doing at the time and call ourselves something stupid that made no sense like Pineapple. One of us remembered that the family used to have a holding company called The Hayes Company. Because we’d decided that we wanted to break out of the typical ad agency mold and work on a non commission basis with our clients, we realized that we actually functioned more like lawyers. That’s where the look and feel of the Hayes Company logo came from.

Venezia Logo

Venezia, like TechLith is a division of Napa Valley Cast Stone. Because the products are stone, we wanted to create a carved, Roman feel to the lettering, the tagline uses the word “fascia” rather than the more industry standard “surrounds” in order to evoke a more architectural and tasteful feeling. The Lion of St Mark is the symbol of the parent company and how could we leave the lion off of a product line called Venezia?

LookSmart Logo

LookSmart was a search engine that had been started in Australia. I met them right after they came to the states. This is a logo that uses non-verbal communication in the best way to say exactly what the company is. LookSmart is no longer a search engine and they’ve changed the color, but they’re still using the same basic logo.


The SFCS logo was created to visually represent music. Because much of the company’s repertoire is classical choral music, the old style handwritten script felt as if it was telling the right story.

Black Jack Recordings Logo

I used to make CDs as gifts for friends and family (back in the stone age before MP3s and iTunes). Because I was a designer, of course I had to design labels and packages - and I needed my own record label. Black Jack Recordings was born!

Techlith Logo

TechLith is a division of Napa Valley Cast Stone (that’s also the parent of Venezia). They made a radical new product that was the result of some pretty serious technological advances. The logo needed to show that, we chose to retain a highly stylized version of the winged Lion of St Mark that is the symbol of the parent company.

Mollie O Logo

Because Mollie Stone’s Markets had such an established brand and logo, we wanted to keep some relationship with the existing logo while creating a new feeling with the “O” signaling the new organic line of products.

Marin Museum of the American Indian Logo

The MMAI logo is based around the pattern for a Northern California basket. By using this pattern, the Museum’s mission is reinforced and the local native people’s are honored.


The GFDS Logo was inspired by metal tiles that are often seen in modern buildings. The material felt right for structural engineers.

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