A Logo Is Not a Brand

We’ve discussed the challenges of creating logo but we haven’t touched on one of the most important misconceptions about them. Many designers, and for that matter, many ad agencies and clients, are under the impression that a logo is all you need to create a brand.

A logo is one representation of a brand but it’s only one facet of what a brand is. A real brand permeates the entire fabric of a business entity. A brand is represented by how the phone is answered to a product line to the way a customer or client is treated. It’s represented by the decisions a company makes in terms of how it does business and how it integrates into the community that it does business with. A brand is encapsulated in how a business treats it’s employees and how it treats it’s suppliers and vendors.

In other words, a brand is everything that a company is.

You can’t take one small part of marketing communications and seize upon it as everything. A logo, the fonts and colors that are used, the entire style guide that your designer or agency put together for you is just a series of symbols that are meaningless unless they truly reflect the actual brand that they represent.

When we discuss the true identity of a company or corporate entity, we mean identity in the same way we mean it for a person, a personality and how the world perceives it. Everything that we see from the company, whether it’s a brochure, a business card, an advertisement or the sign out front needs to support and help communicate that brand identity.

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