Musings on Design, Art, Branding, etc..

This is a section that I’ll be using to write short essays and articles about my influences, process, technology, branding and advertising. Check back periodically to see what’s been added.

The Anatomy of a Logo

Logos are tricky things. From the point of view of the designer they bring a whole truckload of challenges. If the designer does his job right and does the due diligence that he should bring to every project, the logo can be the single most important and still remain toughest job he may do for his client.

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A Logo Is Not a Brand

We’ve discussed the challenges of creating logo but we haven’t touched on one of the most important misconceptions about them. Many designers, and for that matter, many ad agencies and clients are under the impression that a logo is all you need to create a brand.

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Software Does Not Make a Designer

A few years ago it seemed like suddenly everyone was a graphic designer. After becoming a real estate agent became passé, becoming a graphic designer was the thing for a certain bored segment of the population who didn't have enough to do and didn't really need the money.

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